New Mexico

The Sandia Mountains as seen from our plane window.

The weary travellers have returned!  I celebrated by dropping a glass jar full of tandoori sauce on my foot.  The jar broke on contact with, what I can only guess is the navicular bone, of my left foot.  It is now two times its normal size and a beautiful purplish color.   I can walk with much difficulty, but there is much to do, so no rest for the weary!

Rowan celebrated by not napping, therefor whining all day about EVERYTHING!  His toy dog wouldn’t move by itself!  I wouldn’t rip open an ice pack!  He wasn’t allowed TO PLAY IN THE ROAD NAKED!  Bottom line:  Mommy is mean.

New Mexico was welcoming, as always.  We went to the zoo, rode the Rail Runner to Santa Fe, visited with friends, went to the water park, ate A LOT of yummy Mexican food, and hung out at the Botanical Gardens and the aquarium.  We played with the dogs at the park, and visited as many playgrounds as we possibly could.  It was spectacular.

EXCEPT for the puke bug.  At the start of week two, Rowan got smacked down with a nasty bug that caused him to toss his cookies every 15-20 minutes for the first few hours, and then several times a day for four days.  It was awful.  He would have his head resting on the side of a red bowl, and pleading with me, “Eeeese Mom.  Eeeese?”  That translates into, “Pleeeease, Mom?  Please make it stop.”  Heartbreaking.  He slept a lot, and ate little.  He recovered slowly, but the rest of our visit was wracked with whining and crying and a lot of acting like a wounded cat. 

Although we left healthy, it was a sad departure.  I don’t know when we will be returning again, so it was particularly hard to say goodbye to Albuquerque.  That city has treated us well.

I can’t believe I’m admitting it, but it’s good to be home.  I returned to a new bed, Rowan to a new Taggie.  It’s hot and muggy, but beautiful.  The flowers are amazing.  I could sit on the porch in the garden all day.  I’ve spent the day unpacking and tending to my overtired son.  My overtired son spent the day shadowing my sister and my mom.  He hit the hay early, and as soon as I’m done here, I’ll curl up in my new bed with a book.

Life is good.


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