So much to write about…so little motivation.  🙂

We’re toying around with potty training.  Rowan has been informing me immediately AFTER filling his shorts, and wanting to sit on the potty.  The big one, not his, of course.  SO, yesterday he got to spend the entire afternoon in underwear.  He stayed dry, but didn’t go on the potty either.  I don’t think he’s seriously ready yet, but that kid sure can strut around in his skivvies!

I made an offhand comment about Rowan, “Popping grapes like they are candy,” and now he thinks that they are, in fact, candy!  Fortunately, the grocery store in Lewisburg carries organic produce now, so I’m all for letting him think he’s getting away with eating candy all day.  I play into his delusion by telling him he’s getting a special treat every time.  His reaction to being allowed GRAPES! FOR BREAKFAST!  is classic.

Word is getting around this small town of my superb cleaning skills, and more job offers are coming in.  It’s great that I can pick and choose the ones I want to do.  I don’t generally base them on how much they pay, but on how nice the people are to work for.  I’ve lucked out and work for wonderful folks that are grateful and appreciative of the work I do.  Until now.  On Tuesday I am going to interview for a lady that is notoriously picky.  Nothing is ever good enough for her, and she can be quite abrasive.  The thing is, all she wants done is her hardwood floors.  She well off, and pays quite well.  I’m thinking I can put up with her attitude for a couple-hour a week job.  Besides, I’m a tough chick.  I can handle whatever she throws out at me.

In the course of the past few weeks Rowan and I have been on several airplanes.  As a result, Rowan is OBSESSED with them!  We’re reading about them.  We’re talking about them.  We’re watching videos about them.  We’re looking them up on the computer.  It’s great to see him so interested in learning about them.  He loves anything with an engine, but so do most boys, I suppose.

I’ve been promised the opportunity to shower today, and I’m not one to miss out on such a luxury, so I’m off!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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