A post in which I embarrass my sister and Melissa.


  • We’ve spent the last two weeks being sick.  First there was the puke bug, and now a nasty cold, that is in circulation through the whole house.  We’re just one deplorable ray of sunshine around here.
  • Rowan is a whiz at numbers.  In the past week he has learned to recognize numbers 1-9 by sight.  He can point to a number and say its name.  He loves to count, and will assign any item that is more than one, a number.  It’s usually the number 2, but if you count with him, he’ll get it right.  Most of the time I encourage this, but when he wants to do things like count how many seeds are in the bird feeder, it gets a little annoying.
  • Tomorrow would have been my seventh anniversary with my ex.  I’m handling it better than I thought.  I guess I realize how much better we are apart.  I’m thriving, and have realized how capable and strong I am.  While I will always look back on our good times together with fondness, I have found peace and happiness in my life as a single woman. 
  • My good friend Melissa is coming to visit us next week.  We used to work together when I lived on Cape Cod.  She was *gasp* my supervisor, but first and foremost, my friend.  Such a good friend, in fact, when I returned from a trip to Ecuador, she and my sister did this to my bedroom:

I didn’t take pictures of the tin-foiled underwear, socks, and other random items.  I was still unwrapping things a week later.

Not to mention how they were dressed when they picked me up at the airport.  They even had the security guards in on it!

And now I will die for posting that picture….


One thought on “A post in which I embarrass my sister and Melissa.

  1. Hi Tiffany,
    I am glad you are doing well with the 7th anniversary thing. I dated someone for ONE and a HALF years, and it took me almost nine years before I stopped wondering how it would have been had I stayed with him. Seven years is a long time, but I guess it is good to move on if you know you are better for it. Go you.

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