Thus Far

Thus far today I have:

  • Made breakfast burritos.
  • Spent 30 minutes cleaning up breakfast burritos from the dining room rug.
  • Traumatized my son with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Cleaned a client’s house.
  • Moved a lot of dirt.
  • Put my son down for a nap.
  • Had a popsicle.

And it’s only 11:30AM!

What?  Oh, the vacuum cleaner thing?  Yeeeeeeah.

SO!  You know when your grandmother gets a new vacuum cleaner and calls you to come over and put it together?  And you know when you tell your tool-loving son that he can come too, so he excitedly grabs his favorite taggie, and runs across the street to help?  Then you know when you’ve got it all together, and the hose is lying on the floor, right in front of said favorite taggie, and you plug in the vacuum, not knowing it was on, and you underestimate the powerful sucking capacity of a brand new vacuum, and right in front of your son it sucks up taggie?  AND THEN you know how your son will look at you like you just betrayed him in the worst way by killing his best friend?  You know how you will dig out taggie from the canister, and he’ll sit in front of the washing machine, watching it spin, quietly sobbing, while you’re pretty sure that you’ve just ended your son’s childhood?  You know that feeling?

No?  Oh.  Uuuh….me either.

One thought on “Thus Far

  1. oh my dear, there will be many, many more moments like that I fear…you are an awesome mom, at least you didn’t flush taggie down the toilet! Or throw some hideous old toy out and get caught…which is what I have done..

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