Dear Rowan,

This morning you gave me my first unsolicited “I love you.” 

We were sitting on your playroom floor, surrounded by trains, and tunnels, and tracks.  We’d been pushing around Thomas and Spencer for a while, when you left to find Rosie.  She was right where you left her, in a cardboard box, usually reserved for tea.  The tea had been relocated to the silverware drawer, or course. 

You came charging back into the room, Rosie in hand, threw your arms around my neck, and said, “HUUUUB EEEWE!”

At that moment I was prepared to give you anything your heart desired.  That would have been a oportune time to ask for that John Deere 9400 tractor you’ve been lusting after.  You didn’t though, and the moment passed quickly for you. 

I’m still feeling a bit of warmth from that 10 second interaction.  I’m raising a tender-hearted boy, and I can’t help but feel proud.  You are a sweet boy, and if there was one characteristic that I would wish for you to take from childhood to manhood, it would be that.

Oh, and Rowan? 

I Hub Ewe too.

Love, Mom


2 thoughts on “Dear Rowan,

  1. *sniff* 🙂 I think that moment with each of my boys kept me going for a long time too 🙂 Even now when they tell me, I’m like you — I’m like “name your prize! you’re the best kid ever!” lol

  2. I have chilly bumpers from my head to my toes! That is sooooo sweet! I needed that this morning! 🙂 Great Job you are doing with that little angel, Tiffany! Thanks for sharing this precious moment!

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