Please, Mom?

Rowan’s first full sentence was, “Yes, please, Mom?”  He’s been saying it for months and months, and he says it well.  And often!  He says it when he wants something, when he doesn’t know what to say, and when there is nothing left to say.  He uses it to be cute, and to get what he wants.  He calls everyone Mom when he’s asking for something.  That’s okay.  He’s adorable, and he knows how to work it.  It charms the heck out of anybody that hears it, and I have yet to see someone turn down a request that was followed by, “Yes, please, Mom?”  Not to mention the flashing of those big baby blues, and that smile.  Oh, that smile..

A few weeks ago Rowan grabbed me by the hand, and pulled me up to the garage, where the riding mower is.  We’ve spent hours up there, talking about every part of that silly tractor.  He can’t get enough of it!  Anyway, here’s a short video that is mostly to illustrate the use of “Please, Mom” and how, if I ignore it, it can go on and on and on and on….


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