Feeding the birds

A couple of weeks ago Rowan found a do-it-yourself bird feeder in a box in the garage.  He was adamant that we fix it up and put it next to Grandma’s.  “Birds need yunch, Mama.  Is hungry!”  

So we spiffed it up, right pretty, and hung it up in the tree, right off the porch.  Here are some photos of his handiwork. 

The finished product. He's so proud!


Giving the birds "yunch."


Filled, and ready to hang!


There it is Mama!!




Every time we go outside he checks to see if there are any birds on his feeder, and he shows it off with pride when someone comes to visit.  

I’m going to have to get him some more kits like that one.  It was so neat to watch his creative side come out, and then have him see something he made be put to practical use.


3 thoughts on “Feeding the birds

  1. The Lowe’s Build and Grow workshops say they’re best for ages 5 and up, but Jocelyn had a blast making her bug box there last week. They do it every other Saturday at 10:00, if there’s one near you. It’s free, including the kit to make whatever they’re making (a school bus on the 28th), a free apron, free goggles (though we haven’t seen those), and a free patch to put on the apron when he has completed the project. If he can hold a hammer and most of the time hit the nails, he can do it with your help. If he isn’t hammer ready yet, then keep it in mind for a few months from now.

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