Dear Rowan,

Last photo bfore he turns TWO!!!!

This is your last picture as a little one year old baby.  I am going to miss that sweet baby.  I’m going to miss your “close your eyes, throw back your arms, and jump!” approach to life.  I’m going to miss your 100% dependence on me.  I don’t want you to be dependent on me for the rest of you life, I just appreciate the time in your life that you were.  I will miss your baby squeals, your ever-questioning look, and the way you hug taggie while snuggled up under my chin.  I will miss this phase of your life, that I will never get back.   

  Here is something I know without a doubt, YOUR TWO YEAR OLD SELF IS GOING TO BE AMAZING.  You are going to be strong and confident, and gentle and chivalrous.  

You are an amazing human being.  Mommy will also be here for those days and moments where you feel a little less than awesome.  We’ll get though them.  We always get through everything.

I”ll love you always.

Love, Mama


4 thoughts on “Dear Rowan,

  1. That’s how my little boy sleeps, too – on his back, arms thrown over his head. Someone told me that is a sign that they are feeling very secure 🙂

  2. Hi! I haven’t been here in awhile…just went through all the posts I missed. I’m crying! Rowan is so beautiful…what a smile….and you are such a wonderful mommy. Like I ever had any doubt that you would be a wonderful mommy. I knew that when you were like 5. 🙂 I love your blog…I love you!!

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