A proverbial wedgie.

Life snuck up on me this week and totally yanked my underwear over my head.  In other words, I’ve been running around like mad, but it’s been sorta funny.  

Rowan turned two this week.  We  had a party on Saturday, with a few close friends. ( I want to do a post on the building of the cake alone, but that will have to wait.  It was kick-butt cake.)  The party itself was wonderful.  Relaxed, and small, and fun for Rowan.  I think I drove the “Never play with fire” lesson in a bit too hard, as he wouldn’t go anywhere near the candles to blow them out.  He kept telling me, “NO!  HOT!”  I couldn’t argue that point, even for a photo-op, and Nana and I blew out the candles for him.  He graciously offered to suck the icing off them.  He’s nice like that. 

Bad picture, cool cake.

On Tuesday, the actual day of his birth, we had a family party.  Bapa had built him a train table, and we all gave him various accessories for said train table.  My mom went overboard, as usual, and bought him about twenty-five trains, and wrapped each one individually.  Rowan takes his unwrapping responsibilities VERY seriously, so while he desperately wanted to play with the train table, there was no way he could leave all those brightly colored packages just lying there.  So an hour and a half later, he was finished, and had every one of those trains connected on the table.  I haven’t seen Rowan since… 


I came to the conclusion that kids are given toys at their birthday’s and Christmas, only so that they will be occupied the next day and the parents can rest.  While totally worth all the work to make it special for Rowan, I didn’t realize how tired I was until it was all over.  

Yesterday I had a job interview with WIC.  It was a job I very much wanted, and would be very good at.  I haven’t even been offered the job yet, but even if they do, I won’t be able to take it.  It would be 40 hours a week, and I just feel Rowan is too young to leave for that length of time.  I will never have this time in his life back, and who knows if I will ever be blessed with more children.  I don’t want to miss it, and I don’t want someone else to raise him.  If it means I don’t have a social life for another few years, and don’t have any extra money, but I get to help my son grow into an awesome kid, then I think it’s worth letting go.  Something else will come my way when the time is right. 

Somewhere in between that I fit in my cleaning jobs, and daily life maintenance.  This weekend is shaping up to be crazy, mostly because somewhere along the way I offered to clean my Grandmother’s carpets.  Yeeeaahhh…I’m a glutton for punishment. 

All this being said, I’ve had a good week, with several great surprises, and many moments of smiles and laughter.  So come Sunday afternoon, when all is said and done, and my son is in a permanent state of whiny-ness, because he doesn’t nap on Sundays because of church, I’ll straighten out my britches, pull myself up by the bootstraps, and get ready to do it again.

2 thoughts on “A proverbial wedgie.

  1. You are such a good mama, I applaud you making your stay at home time a priority. I have always worked too much and I deeply regret it, Izzie’s infantfood just flew by! And what a great cake!

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