Reflections of Motherhood.

We’ve had a few tough days here at Casa de Dalenberg.  In two-year old fashion Rowan has exerted his will at every turn, and I have felt every bump along this road.  I’ve had moments where I felt I was utterly failing him.  I’ve wondered how I was going to make it through another moment without breaking down.  We’ve had several sleepless nights in a row, with unexplained crying for hours, followed by days of whining and tantrums.

I have no like-minded mother’s around here to help put this all in perspective, to commiserate with, to support me, to guide me, or simply to listen.  In times like this I crave the bond I had with my mom friends in New Mexico. 

All I needed to know was that I am not alone, this is normal, and that, yes, I will make it through this.

So where does one go when one lacks the social connections that provides one’s much-needed support?  The internet! 

(Yes, I cried while watching this.  But only the first time. )

2 thoughts on “Reflections of Motherhood.

  1. Just an FYI, Tiff, my job is to be a support system for mommas. I do a great program for moms/dads of children from prenatal to kindergarten entry. Its called Parents As Teachers and is a home based program. Check out my website at
    Maybe it will help a little, always willing to listen dear! Love you and Rowan dearly! I can also probably get you in touch with some of my other moms.
    Hang in there sweetie!
    Love ya,

  2. Tiffany, I loved the video…made me cry! Good reminders. I’m totally posting this on my profile. Planning on watching it at least once a day until we’re out of the terrible two’s.

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