Dear Rowan,

Thank you for waking me up at 12:30 last night, so we could spend some quality time together.  It was wonderful to spend two hours with you in the middle of the night, listening to you whine about how you wanted to go to the living room and play, and banging on the metal bed frame, so you could hear it echo.  I’m sure all the other people in the house that were actually sleeping last night were glad to hear that you were awake and all was well.

I really appreciate your concern for my sleeping habits.  I understand that sleeping too much can be an indication of mental and physical health issues, so the prevention of sleep that you provide is really just your way of helping me stay healthy.  You can be so thoughtful!

Rowan, let’s just assume that Mommy is healthy and wants a full night’s sleep tonight, and leave it at that.  I understand that the prospect of eight hours away from me can be daunting, I mean, come on, I’m a fun Mom!  Instead of waking me up to inform me that you are up, why don’t you check your email, read a book, write a poem, or just lie there quietly, carefully planning your future.  I don’t think those are unreasonable options.

You are a unique little man, one that doesn’t require much rest, and I respect that about you.  I would just like you to respect that I need a solid eight hours if I am going to operate at full capacity. 

I love you Rowan, and it’s a darn good thing you are cute.  I mean, come on, I’m pretty sure that smile of yours is the main cause of global warming.

Love, Mamma

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