A request for Rowan

So!  I need something from you guys.  Well, not so much for me, as for Rowan.

See, he’s really interested in how the mail system works.  He loves trips to the post office, and has endless questions about how the mail gets here.   I want to take this opportunity to feed his curiosity.

My question to you is this:  Will you send Rowan a letter?  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  Just a piece of paper with, “Hi, how are you?  Love, (your name here)”  I want to be able to explain how someone wrote him a letter, mailed it, how it was sorted, and ended up in his hands.

I know it’s a busy time with the holidays coming up and all, but it would be great if he even got one or two letters.

Send me a message and I’ll send you his address.

Thank you!!

7 thoughts on “A request for Rowan

  1. Hiya,

    I’d love to send him a letter, but it probably won’t be before the holidays. I will be sending out cards after New Year’s, so I can add one for him as well – from Slovenia 🙂

  2. Okay, so I’m still sitting here reading your archives…
    I’d love to send Rowan a letter. With a picture of Birdie, my granddaughter. She’s 22 months.

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