Christmas Eve

Post-kiss 🙂


Rowan woke up convinced it was Christmas morning.  It was terribly hard to burst that bubble.  He was so excited, that for a second I thought about feeding the illusion, and allowing him to open his presents.  I didn’t though.  I gently explained that today was a day called Christmas Eve, and while we don’t get to open presents today, we can still do a lot of fun stuff.   I’m not sure he’s buying it.

Right now there are cranberry muffins in the oven, Rowan is watching a Christmas movie by tree-light, while playing with his wooden car carrier.  We are going to the Christmas Eve service at our church tonight, but otherwise have a relaxing day ahead of us.  Well, as relaxing as fishing little-boy underwear out of the toilet, and picking black play-doh out of blond hair can be.

Watching my two year old experience the holidays this year has been…..stunning.  He is the epitome of child-like wonder and excitement.  Between baking cookies, wrapping gifts, decorating the tree, and hanging stockings, it has been a month of so many joys and smiles.

Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing today, I hope you are filled with love.  Love that makes you forget about your worries and your troubles.  Love that brings tears to your eyes, and joy to others.  Love like I have for my little boy, who really has no idea what he’s in for tomorrow morning. 


Merry Christmas

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