It’s the little things…

What little kid gets excited about clothes under the Christmas tree?  Like seriously, you don’t hear a whole lot of gleeful shouts over a new pair of socks, or a sweater.  There are no comments about it being what, “I always wanted!”  No immediately ripping the tags off, and trying them on right there.  Unless!  You’re my kid.

Rowan loves sweatpants.  No, seriously.  He LOVES sweatpants.  As long as we aren’t going somewhere that he needs to dress up for a little, I let Rowan choose his own clothes if he wants to.  100% of the time he laments over which pair of sweatpants to wear.  With so many options, you know, between the two pairs he had-blue and gray, it could take upwards of several minutes to choose.  SEVERAL!  MINUTES!

So when he pulled a package out from under the tree, tore the paper off, and discovered a red pair of sweatpants, he was done.  The day was a success.  He proclaimed them, “AWESOME!” and wanted to wear them today.  That second, right now, today.  I talked him out of it, stating there were other presents to open, but really I wanted to wash them first.  I did so while he napped, thinking for sure he’d forget about them, but I’d get it done anyway.  Nope, not so much.  He stumbled out of his room, drunk with sleep, threw himself on my lap and whined his need for red sweatpants.

Thank goodness Santa came through for him. 

So here we sit, on the playroom floor, that is so littered with toys, you can’t tell what color the rug is.  Rowan has been dressed in his red sweats since 6:15 am, happily playing with new trucks and trains, stopping every few minutes to acknowledge his most comfortable article of clothing. 

 A store’s worth of new toys at his disposal, and my son, he admires his pants the most.

One thought on “It’s the little things…

  1. When my Lil Daughter was that age, Santa put a toothbrush in her stocking. It had a tiny pink bell on the end of it. We had to stop Christmas so she could go brush her teeth!
    I’m not getting much accomplished today but your blog is lots of fun!

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