Starting the Year off right.

It’s been in the mid-50’s here for the past few days, causing our snow to get mushy and sticky.  It was just begging to be made into a snowman.

Rowan and I threw our cares to the wind, ditched the snowpants, got soaking wet, covered in grass and mud, and kicked off 2011 the way everyone should.  Wet, dirty, and not hung over.

And now a little background on the snowman:  (It is indeed a man.  I asked.)  His name is Face.  He in from Al-querque(Albuquerque), and he is 32 years old.  His favorite colors are orange and turquoise, and he likes to play hootball (football).  He can jump wicked high, but he can’t skip.  He needs to practice some more.  His biggest accomplishment is having his head rolled onto his body, and his most embarrassing moment was when Sage, the neighbor’s dog, peed on him.  Also when Rowan ate one of his eyeballs.  And then I ate the other one.


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