Mama’s a Party

That last post is depressing as all get out, so I thought I’d offer a little pick-me-up…..

I know there is no way to measure how much I love my son, but I can certainly give examples of why I love him:

I was holding Rowan when we walked past a shelf that had a lollypop on it.  He thought that he was stealthy grabbing it, when I caught him, and asked him what was in his hand.  He giggled, and stuffed the lollypop down my sweatshirt.  I set him down, and Rowan gripped the bottom of my sweatshirt and shook out the candy. 

It fell on the floor which led to a chorus of, “Mama’s a piñata!  Mama’s a party!” 

After composing myself we each had a lollypop and a “milk shape.”

EXACTLY what I needed after such a horrible week.  He is my hero.

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