Spinach Ravioli

I feel like all I post about on FB anymore is food.  What I’ve cooked, what I’ve eaten, and what I’m going to cook and eat.  Nobody cares about that on FB, so I thought I’d write about it here.  🙂

Yesterday we made raviolis-FROM SCRATCH!  Now that is a labor intensive meal.  It takes a lot of time, a lot of muscle, and a lot of love.  I realize that it was my first time, so I probably took a little longer than necessary, but it took over two hours, start to finish.  That’s a long time to serve five people one meal.  More than worth it though, as it was TO DIE FOR! (Not really, it just sounds better than, IT’S TOTALLY WORTH THE SORE FOREARMS AND LOWER BACK I GOT FROM ROLLING DOUGH OUT SO THIN YOU COULD SEE THROUGH IT!  NOT TO MENTION THE HEARTBURN I GOT FROM EATING THE RAW ONIONS IN THE SALAD WE MADE AS A SIDE DISH.  OH, AND THE STAIN FROM THE GLASS OF RED WINE I SPLASHED ONTO MY SLEEVE WHEN I WAS POURING IT.)

So anyway, it was super fun, and Rowan helped out as much as possible.  When he wasn’t helping, he was quietly playing, and recruiting my aunt to play with him too.  They built towers, explored the house, played trains, and watched as I worked my butt off.  It was great.

If anyone wants the recipe, I can post it, but right now, you’re just going to get pictures of the process.

Spinach! Chopped and cooked.


The filling: parm cheese, spinach, eggs, garlic, parsley, olive oil, and a touch of red curry.


Rowan loved to kneed the dough. Really simple recipe for a great-tasting and super stretchy dough.

The filling spred onto one quarter of the dough.


Sealing the raviolis with the special rolling pin. I REALLY want one of those things. Thankfully I have an aunt that will let me cook with her whenever I want to. 🙂

Rowan loved it, and asked for seconds. When we got home, he was excited to tell everyone about our day. When asked what he ate, he said, "Wettuce!" All that work and remembers the lettuce...

I brought enough home for another meal, and it’s in the freezer, taking up space.  Tomorrow I will purchase a more than five dollar bottle of wine, bake a loaf of bread, and serve a feast when my extended family comes for my grandmother’s 91st birthday this weekend. 

I’m so freaking domesticated.

Oh!  And to top things off, my aunt gave me a great Tapas cookbook.  Only problem is that her dog got sprayed my a skunk, and even after four baths in de-skunking shampoo, the smell had permeated the house, including the cookbook.  So while reading through the book last night, all I could smell, and consequently think about was skunk.  I wonder if I’ll ever be able to cook tapas without gagging now….

One thought on “Spinach Ravioli

  1. Wow, that meal sounds amazing. I would like to try the ravioli recipe. Though I must admit, I would not make it without Dwayn, because I am not a patient cook.

    Also – Rowan is a cutie! I like the picture of him eating.

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