An actual update

-A family member died

-We had to put a beloved pet down

-Found out my dad has skin cancer

-My grandmother is starting to show signs of Alzheimer’s

There, that’s the hard stuff out of the way, and I can move on to other stuff. 

Rowan is two and a half now, and showing signs of “only child syndrome.”  He’s not into sharing, or cooperating, or being agreeable, or the word, “yes”.  He is into questioning EVERY LITTLE THING.  A typical conversation with him goes something like this:

“Where is Bapa?”

“At work.”

“Which town?”


“Which Lewisburg?”

“The one in West Virginia.”

“Which West Virginia?”

“The one in the United States.”

“Which United States?”

“The one in North America.”

“Which North America?”

And well, it just goes on until with hit the universe, and both of our minds explode with the inability to comprehend anything beyond that.  This exact conversation must take place at least once an hour, or Rowan will simply cease to operate.  I wish I was kidding.

I’m still doing the same old stuff-cleaning, molding and cultivating a young child (no pressure there, right?), helping out with the homeschoolers, and just generally loving life.  Sure I struggle from time to time with certain things, but God has chosen to bless me so many times over, that I feel like a real jerk when I feel sorry for myself because I have to share a room with my son.  How petty am I, right?  How many people can actually say that ALL of their needs are met?  I need to just swallow my pride, and cowgirl up. (I can say that now because I live in the country, right?)  Bottom line, I have learned to be content with where I am, and I feel good about that.  Dare I even say that I like it here?  Nah, I don’t think I’m ready to admit that yet.

Valentine’s Day was fun and fairly relaxing.  Rowan and I made cupcakes with heart sprinkles, my sister and I spent some time together, and we had a great dinner with family from out of town.  Everyone got chocolates and a little surprise.  Rowan got a new Air Bud movie, and he was so excited that he got up REALLY early this morning to watch it.  I find it oddly amusing and ironic that I got underwear.  FROM MY MOTHER. 

Spring is showing it’s pretty face around here.  It’s supposed to hit 70 this week!  This means that I can start buying seeds and plants, and start planning my little organic garden!  It also means that all Rowan wants to do is be outside, chasing soccer balls, riding bikes, vandalising the neighbor’s driveways with chalk, and getting as muddy as possible.  I’m pretty sure he’s trying to see how much laundry he can generate in one day.  The record so far is four complete outfits.  I have high expectations though, and am positive he will reach six by the time summer arrives.

Today Rowan, my cousin, and I are going spelunking.  It’s kind of the thing to do around here when you have guests.  I think it’s because it’s the only thing to do around here.  That’s not true.  We also have cow tipping.


4 thoughts on “An actual update

  1. –losing family members in any sense is hard hard hard. Sending you strength and prayers.
    –if I’ve learned one thing to be okay with as a parent, it’s that I don’t have to entertain every single question Brandon asks me with an answer. Perfectly okay if you have the time/patience/strength/will to answer, but if you don’t… that’s okay, too. If you ever feel the need, it’s okay to say “Mommy answered your question. Let’s move on.” In my situation (and yours may be entirely different) I came to find that Brandon was quasi manipulating me with his incessant questions, and I had to put limits on what I was willing to answer. Whatever the case may be, I sure hope he cuts you a break soon. 🙂
    –Yay, Spring!
    –Spelunking? Rly? *facepalm* Ya gotta get out here and visit, kid.

  2. Thanks for brightening my day. I’ve been struggling with some “stuff” lately and I needed the reminder that I am truly blessed, and I can be confident that the Lord has me right where He wants me.

    I’m still holding out hope that we can one day get together. With this warm weather, a walk on the trail would be awesome!

    See ya Sunday.

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