We’re Alive!

My access to the internet is pretty limited right now, but I have a few moments of peace, alone time, and the gall to sit in my car with my laptop, and steal my neighbor’s wi-fi.  I know, I’m corrupt.

Last Sunday Rowan and I officially spent our first night in the new house.  He kept me awake all night by sleeping all night.  In his own bed.  IN HIS OWN ROOM!  I couldn’t help but check on him every few hours, and every little squeak and creak I heard was him falling out of bed, crying for me, my grandma having a heart attack, her slipping and falling, or someone breaking in to steal my family.  Of course none of these things happened….Rowan happily crawled into bed with me early the next morning, and my Grandmother emerged from her room, happy, but totally clueless that we had even slept there the previous night.  

The second night was better, but the third night brought a bad reaction to Gram’s new Alzheimer’s medication.  There was puking.  Much, much puking.  It started during the night, and kept on coming up the next day.  We immediately stopped that med, and she’s started a new one, that other than making her moody, and a little weak, she has responded well to.  (She’s remembered my name three days in a row!)

Rowan has been a champ.  On Monday he started “school.”  It was red day, so he threw on his red sweats, packed his backpack, and started his school career.


He did his Mama proud.

We are physically and emotionally adjusting to these new circumstances, but my little family is strong, and close.  I have all the faith in the world this is going to be an adventure we’ll all remember. 

The best part of this is that Bapa is only a driveway away. 😀


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