Once Upon a Time…

Rowan’s demeanor has been off the wall today-I blame the rain.  Anyway, I tried to get him to focus on one activity for several consecutive minutes, and the only thing he seemed interested in was telling stories while dangling his body upside down off his bed.

I, far less imaginative than he, didn’t come up with anything worth repeating, but Rowan’s story was just  grand.

“Rowan and Ezra played outside.  We picked up sticks.  We built a fort out of dirt.  We played with Sadie the dog.  She barked like, “WOOF!  WOOF!”  It was funny.  Ezra and Rowan laughed.  Then we played upstairs.  I played Ezra’s guitar.  Jonas played too.  Ezra played the high guitar.  He played the ginger ale song.  It made my thirsty.  Mrs. Amy gave me a chocolate kiss.  I said, “Goodbye!  143!”

The End

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