Here’s what’s up-bullet style!

  • We’re still alive!!!
  • Grandma is still alive!!!  She’s getting worse with every passing day, but then there are moments like this one, and it puts it all into perspective:


  • Both my dad and my uncle are getting cancer treatments this week.  Dad and mom had to travel for this one, so for the next week I’ll be holding down the fort.  Gratefully they are both doing well, but your continued prayers are much appreciated.
  • Rowan is, quite frankly, thriving.  He’s digging school, and excelling.  On non-school days he begs to go, and I don’t blame him-he gets to do stuff like this:

  • Personally, my patience, character, and will to do what is right is tried daily.  Between an extraordinarily strong-willed child, and a child-like adult that requires everything to be repeated three or four times, and then still insists that what you are telling her is wrong, I struggle.  I sometimes wonder if I’m cut out for this, but then the end of another day comes, and we’re all still breathing, and sometimes even laughing, and I realize it’s going to be all right.  If this is the growing experience people keep telling me it is, I’m gonna be darn near perfect when this is over. 
  • And finally, the picture you’ve all been eagerly anticipating: the ponytail picture!!  I was surprised how many people (mostly from F.B.) wanted photographic proof of the phenomenon that is my long(er)  hair.  I never guaranteed the quality of the photograph, so if it looks a little disheveled, hap-hazard, and like a two year old took it while standing on the lid of his toilet seat, it’s because it was!  So hold on to your britches, because here it is:


3 thoughts on “Here’s what’s up-bullet style!

  1. Lookin’ good, sister! I’m praying for you and yours. Your strength and character are an inspiration to me. Hang in there–every new day brings both new challenges and fresh hope. Some days one will win over the other, but it all evens out in the end.

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