In like a lion…

Oh my gosh you guys, it’s been an insane couple of weeks.  The biggest event was my grandma breaking her ankle.  It’s left her immobile and completely dependant on me.  I went from being able to leave her on her own for a few hours to having to get a babysitter to stay with her if I needed to go to the grocery store.  The stress of the whole thing sent her into a downward spiral mentally.  She was convinced she was in a nursing home, that people were constantly coming in and out to visit her, she was having conversations on the phone with no one on the other end, and for the most part, she didn’t know who I was.  She’s fairly stabilized now, but, WOW!

What did Rowan do during the whole time?  Ride his bike!  As long as I’m wasn’t forcing him to eat, sleep or bathe, he was on his bike.  If it was raining, he was riding in circles around the dining room table.  My son loves him some wheels.  He doesn’t know it, but he’s getting his very own two-wheeler for his birthday.  Actually, he’s getting it within the next month probably.  I want him to be able to have it for the summer, and not have to wait until the end of August.  Stature wise he still fits on his tricycle, but mentally he’s in the Tour de France.  He just can’t go fast enough on a three-wheeled baby bike. 

There isn’t much else to update on, except maybe that Rowan harvested the first ripe strawberry from our garden, and kept telling people that, “I grewed it myself!”  Despite the look on his face, he enjoyed the fruits of his labor.  🙂

Here’s what else you’ve missed:


4 thoughts on “In like a lion…

  1. I remember you being over at our house when I was little, and I was doing laps around the kitchen table on my purple two wheeler…I think I pretended to be the old woman/witch and you or Melissa (or both!) were Dorothy being chased. Ha!
    Bikes are great fun : )

  2. What a wonderful,carefree video – i enjoyed watching it! – I dont know you and cant even remember how i stumbled upon your blog, but ive been reading it for several months now and I really enjoy it!! I too am a mother of a son (10yrs old now) they grow so fast, so take all the video you can, it is so precious to look back on times like these, my boy loves to watch his “cole” videos and im sure Rowan will be the same when he is older!! Its obvious, you are doing a wondeful job raising this precious little boy. Thanks for the daily/weekly inspirational blog posts.

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