Grandma Dorothy

I ran inside for five minutes, to change her sheets as she had just ordered me to do.  By the time I came back outside to the porch, where I had left her, Grandma was gone.  I frantically searched the house, the yard, and the shed.  I ran across the street to my parent’s house and quickly learned that they hadn’t seen her either.  Rowan stayed with the neighbor and I made a quick plea on FB for prayers, and combed the streets with my mom and dad.

Grandma started her day off pretty rough.  She woke at 1am with the same neck pain she’s been suffering from for over a week.  She’s been to the ER once, the doctor’s twice and PT several times.  She’s on pain killers and muscle relaxers, and nothing seems to be easing her pain.  By 6am, she was up again for the rest of the day, disoriented and slightly combative.  She was convinced all day that someone was visiting and I was keeping her from seeing them.  She thought someone was going to the airport to drop them off and that she was going to go too.  Several times she started down the sidewalk in an attempt to make a break for it.  I led her back, but she kept trying to leave.  Eventually she sat down on the porch and told me to change her sheets.  Relieved that she was willing to let the whole airport thing go, I willingly obliged.

Shortly before I was going to give up, and call the cops, my 12 year old neighbor spotted her, in the passenger seat of a car, windows rolled up, two layers of clothes on(that’s how she dressed herself this morning), and sitting in 115 degrees for over twenty minutes.  She was physically fine, but mentally she’s a mess today.  She was going to sit there until someone took her to the airport.

The day went downhill fast from there.  She started to do some very bizarre things: chewing on a pillow, stripping naked in the living room, trying to put everything she picked up between her toes, trying to walk through walls, and saying some very random statements.  She outright refused to go to bed until 9:30, and this is from someone who has gone to bed before 8pm since I’ve known her!

The most heart-warming and heart-wrenching thing I’ve ever seen is my dad rub his mother’s back for over an hour, until she fell asleep

She’s fading fast, and I miss her already.

4 thoughts on “Grandma Dorothy

  1. It’s hard, yes. There will be days like this, and there will be days you will wonder what switch got hit because she seems “normal” again. You’re in my thoughts, Tiffany. This isn’t an easy thing to do, you’re right.

  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers, darlin’. I’m so, so sorry everyone in your family is hurting, including Grandma. *hugs*

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