I’m sitting ay my desk listening to a conversation take place in the living room between my almost three year old son, and his ninety-one year old great-grandmother.  It’s going something like this:

Gram: Peter and Dorothy are coming to visit today!

Rowan: No, just Dorothy is coming.

Gram: No, Peter AND Dorothy are coming.

Rowan: No, no, no, just Peter’s WIFE!

Gram: I’M Peter’s wife.

Rowan: No, you’re Peter’s Daughter.  No, Peter’s YOUR daughter.  No.  Um…..Just Dorothy is coming!

Gram:  We’ll see.  You’ll be surprised when you see him.

Of course Rowan is completely right, and only Dorothy is coming.  Gram is stubborn and won’t concede until she actually sees it with her own eyes.  There’s a chance she still won’t believe it, but Rowan will continue to patiently explain it to her.

Rowan has had to make some sacrifices when it comes to our family taking care of Great.  He can’t have my undivided attention ALL the time, he can’t leave his toys in the living room, he has to play in his room or outside when she is sleeping on the couch, and he has to help get her things, wait for me to walk her somewhere, or play where she is so I can be near her.  It’s been a struggle sometimes, but I’m not sorry he has to experience this.

He’s learning some valuable life lessons now that some people never learn.  He’s learning that people are not disposable.  Just because it’s a lot of work to care for someone, you can’t get rid of them.  He’s learning that putting other’s needs before his own is the right and kind thing to do.  He’s learning that the elderly deserve respect, and hold a prominent spot in society.  He’s learning that he is useful and important and needed as part of the team that is our family.

He’s also hopefully learning how to take care of his mother when she’s in her 90’s and stubborn as a mule and needing 24 hour care and doesn’t want to be put in a nursing home.  HINT HINT, ROWAN!


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