This little light of mine

In the midst of a decent sized thunder/hail storm, this is how Rowan fell asleep tonight:

While curling up together, he turned on his flashlight because he needed “a little more light for the dark.” 

I agreed.  I could use a little extra light myself these days.  Some things are happening, things I’m not going to splash all over the internet (email me, and there’s a chance I’ll fill you in), but things that just make me want to puke. 

Big picture wise, life is good.  I have a lot going on, and we hired a lady to come in for three hours twice a week to stay with my Grandma so Rowan and I can get out and enjoy the summer.   We’ve made some plans, some just the two of us, some with family, and some with a new friend.  We’re looking forward to exploring new places, taking some day trips, and according to Rowan, “eat ice cream every time!” 

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers.  It’s times like these that test your faith, your strength, and your will. Thankfully I can say with confidence that our light shines brightly through every storm.

3 thoughts on “This little light of mine

  1. Praying for you!! Love the pic, so sweet!! My 10 yr. old son is so afraid of storms, He will usually always end up in bed with me, i don’t mind, i love it!!! He will always be my baby.

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