Less FB, More WP

Hey listen, I’m taking a step back from Facebook for a while.  (I will post on there that I posted on here.  I’m well aware of the irony, so there is no need to point it out.)  I’m sick of being bombarded by ads telling me where to go, what to buy, the clothes to wear, and what I’m doing wrong in regards to raising my kid.  I mean, it’s all well and good to have opinions, and goodness knows I have my own!  It’s just that, well…I don’t know.  Quit telling me what to do! 

SO! This isn’t my, “I’m deleting my Facebook account, so please tell me not to go” post.  Not at all.  I’m still going to check in and post once in a while.  I’m just not going to do those things nearly as often.  For those of you who are lamenting over a lack of updates about Rowan or how much homework I have, FRET NOT!  I’ll probably treat this blog at my Facebook and leave shorter posts or pictures here.  I may protect some of the more personal stuff with a password, but I will share that password with you for a small fee.  Or a baked good.  

Interesting fact: I’m sitting at my desk wondering how much crap  I can spew to up my word and page count.  Perhaps I’ve been writing too many papers lately?  SEE! A post about how much homework I have!  Now do you trust me that I won’t leave you wondering about mundane stuff about my life?

Now for some random photos:

43 useless points to the first person to name the city this mug is from.  Also, quit making me miss said city.  You know who you are!



It’s shameful how much Playmobil this boy has.  (This isn’t including vehicles and buildings, though in my defense, most of it was bought used off of Ebay by my mother.)



7 thoughts on “Less FB, More WP

  1. I really like your random posts and wouldn’t dream of telling you how to raise your son. (Been there, done that). As long as I can get here from there, I’ll feel properly informed. 🙂 Blessings!

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