Q and A

It was brought to my attention that some of the people reading this don’t really know much about me.  SO, I am going to open this blog up for questions.

Ask me something.  Anything.  Go ahead.  I will make a separate post in the near future with the answers.  You can post anonymously if you wish.

That being said, I will not promise to post every single question and answer.  I do promise to be honest in the answers I choose to post. 


To share or not to share?

So here’s a question for you:

Say your kid has a special “lovey.”  A blanket, a stuffed animal, that sort of thing.  And then say that your kid brings this lovey to a public place, let’s say, a park.  And THEN let’s say another kid grabs the lovey.  This probably won’t go over well with your kid, or you.

Here’s my actual question.  Do you force your kid to share the lovey?

Rowan has two small blankets with tags all over them, ironically called Taggies.  We took one of them with us to the playground, along with some small trucks and a bucket and shovel.  Right away a little boy grabbed Rowan’s tag.  Rowan, understandably, started crying.   I gently took his taggie back, but the other kid’s mother flipped out.  She said that if a kid brings toys to a public place, it should just be understood that it’s all communal.  I tried to explain to her that it was my son’s special comfort item and that we would be happy to share the rest of his things.  She wasn’t having it though, and grabbed her kid by the wrist, and dragged him to their car, mumbling something about selfish and spoiled kids.

I’m all about teaching Rowan to share right now.  Sometimes he does quite well, and will pass out his toys to kids that aren’t even playing with him.  Other times tears are shed.  The difference though, is usually he’s just plain mad about it.  With his tag, it was more fear I was seeing.  Hence my hesitance to force him to share.

In the future we will leave tag in the car or at home to avoid another incident, but what would you have done in this situation?