Culture Corner plus BONUS STUFF!!

I thought that for sure that as soon as my semester ended, and I was able to let out the breath that I had been holding in since finals week started, that I’d be able to simply sit down and write. Foolish, I know. Plans usually have a way of staying just that-plans. Reality tends to sneak up on plans and knock them upside the head.

Intensity coupled with an overwhelming need to be perfect dominated my last two weeks of school. (I can hear all my psychologist friends, and my family therapist friends scrambling about for their notebooks, and a pen they can click incessantly as they ask things like, “Tell me about your childhood?” or “Why do you feel you have to be perfect?”) The truth is, I stress out really easily. The second I feel as if that rug is being pulled out from under my feet, I panic. I like knowing what to expect, so I can anticipate my next move. Things like not knowing what’s going to be on a test, or not understanding every aspect of a concept is enough to make me implode. I got through that difficult season, seven pounds lighter, with all A’s, and with a wee bit more confidence in myself.

Shortly after the chaos of a semester ending, we jumped right into the Christmas season.

photo 5 (6)

We did all the normal holiday stuff: We made cookies.


We did arts and crafts.

photo 1 (2)

We participated in a Christmas Cantata again, where I was dubbed the “audio engineer” for being the AV nerd. (My dad had to complete how many years at MIT to be an engineer again….?)

photo (3)

We performed the cantata at the nursing home my grandmother passed away at too. I literally cried on one of the resident’s (the lady in the front middle wearing blue) shoulders as we talked about my grammy. She was just so…wonderful.


We chased cows out of the road.


Rowan cut his foot and had to be bandaged up for a while.

photo 3 (2)

We played games, we shoveled snow, we built with Legos, and we shaved.




photo 3 (5)

photo 1 (5)

A couple of days ago I went and picked up my niece so she could spend Christmas with us, something I’ve been doing for years now. In an effort to save time, here’s a photo recap of our visit so far…my children are delightfully crazy!

photo (2)

photo 1 (4)

photo 1 (6)

photo 2 (4)

photo 2

photo 4

photo 5 (5)

photo 5

Also, there’s this guy ❤ <3:

photo 2 (6)

Snow day

We started by making organic peanut butter play-doh.  It’s quite simple and delicious! 
‎1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup honey
4-6 oz. corn meal

Combine together peanut butter and honey. Add the corn meal until it reaches the desired consistency.

The Ingredients

   I got the peanut butter and honey from a grocery store in Lewisburg, and the corn meal was imported from Sunflower, my favorite market in Albuquerque.  I miss that city and the people…that’s a whole different post though. 

Rowan has got this cooking stuff under control. I'm just there to control the mess.



Following the play-doh party, we had a romantic picnic on the play room floor.

An organic lunch! Peanut butter and jelly on homemade bread, apples, "wine"(organic cranberry juice with carbonated water), and smarties for dessert. (okay, those aren't organic.)


Cheers! Here's to an awesome day!


After we fueled up we headed outside for a little shoveling and a little fun.

Seriously, Rowan? Must you be that cute?

Then it was back inside for popcorn and a movie!

After our viewing of Free Willy (I’m not kidding.  He loved it!), my mom, who is an antique dealer, wanted to use Rowan as a model.  She acquired an old Eton Boarding School uniform, from about 1915.  We bribed Rowan with Pez and a new truck to wear the uniform and let us take pictures so she can sell it on Ebay.

Yeah, it was as adorable as it looks. 

It was a nearly perfect day, and to counteract that perfectness, Rowan dumped a can of wet cat food into my boot, put it on, and walked around the living room.  He then took it off, walked around with cat food stuck to his sock, and then told me about the whole thing.


Starting the Year off right.

It’s been in the mid-50’s here for the past few days, causing our snow to get mushy and sticky.  It was just begging to be made into a snowman.

Rowan and I threw our cares to the wind, ditched the snowpants, got soaking wet, covered in grass and mud, and kicked off 2011 the way everyone should.  Wet, dirty, and not hung over.

And now a little background on the snowman:  (It is indeed a man.  I asked.)  His name is Face.  He in from Al-querque(Albuquerque), and he is 32 years old.  His favorite colors are orange and turquoise, and he likes to play hootball (football).  He can jump wicked high, but he can’t skip.  He needs to practice some more.  His biggest accomplishment is having his head rolled onto his body, and his most embarrassing moment was when Sage, the neighbor’s dog, peed on him.  Also when Rowan ate one of his eyeballs.  And then I ate the other one.