Here’s my heart!

Rowan and I have been discussing Valentine’s Day, what it means, how it started, and how it’s celebrated.

He has decided that I will be his valentine, we will get married, and have a date.  Yeah, I’ll start looking into therapists for him now….

Anyway, this morning he pulled out his magna-doodle and told me he was going to draw love.  I was totally intrigued, and peered over his shoulder as he drew this:

Without any prompting he said, are you ready for this?!?!   “Mama, here’s my heart for you!”  HE DREW ME A HEART AND THEN GAVE IT TO ME!  

I KNOW!!!!! 

I’ve been a little off my rocker lately, so I did tear up, and hugged him, and told him he was the sweetest valentine ever.  He let me gush over him for about 30 seconds, and then couldn’t tolerate it any longer.  Still, a very tender moment.

Now that I’ve made a total fool of myself, I’ll go.  But don’t think I won’t bring this up on his first Valentine’s day with his special someone.  I’ll totally cry and pull out that picture, and then maybe this one:

Valentine's Day 2010