Culture Corner

Recently Rowan has begun memorizing, authoring, and reciting poetry. For as long as he allows me to, I will post them on this blog.

Here is tonight’s entry (unfortunately the beginning was cut off, and considering that he’s currently running a moderately high fever, I didn’t think it was fair to ask him to repeat himself.) :

Your Little Bit of Culture for the Day

Rowan asked me if he could have a Facebook account, something I’m not ready to say yes to. I told him that if he had anything he wanted to tell people, or someone he wanted to send a message to, that I’d be more than happy to pass that along. Just out of curiosity, when would you allow your child to get a Facebook account?

Yesterday was a particularly challenging day, behavior wise. When he decided to pull this little gem out of his pocket, it was just the right amount of cute to help me shake that last little bit of frustration I was hanging on to. Some days are just so exceptionally galling. Yesterday was one of those days.

Rowan asked that I post this video of his poem/prayer, that frankly, I had no idea he knew. It’s from a story we read a few days ago. ONCE! A sponge, that one is.