A post in which I need a Vacation.

I’m sitting at my desk texting my sister about women and mood swings as I write this.  It may have started with me calling her a bad name and telling her I loved her in the same sentence.  It’s 85, humid, and I’m grumpier than Rowan after, well, after anything which requires getting his nails cut or his hair washed.  (Do they EVER outgrow those anti-grooming issues?  I mean he’s had his nails done every week and his hair done twice a week for almost four years, for crying out loud!!!!  It’s not exactly a shock to him-he knows it coming.  Grrrrrr)  I figure it’s been a while, so let’s catch up, shall we?  I’ll start…

Grandma Jean’s service was a good one.  Lots of people came, and we laughed and cried, but mostly laughed.  Gram gave us a lot of things to laugh about.  I miss her like mad still, and probably always will.  What’s physically left of her now resides in a little blue and white box she used to keep trinkets in.  I keep it on my desk, and smile.

Rowan, thank the Lord, potty trained himself.  Finally.  He’s never had an accident and I’ve never had to remind him to go.  Plus, he’s only locked himself in a bathroom once!!  How proud am I?!  He’ll be four in August and is full of witty and clever stuff.  He likes his Gator, his bike, drawing, and a fart app that his friend America showed him.  And long walks on the beach.  And red wine with good conversation.

My Grandma Dorothy continues to astound at 93.  She’s just so full of determination and pluck it makes me want to vomit.  No, seriously though, she’s doing well.  Forgetful, and all that, but she’s got a boyfriend, a live-in maid and a personal chef, so complain she doesn’t!

I am…good.  I think.  I’m tired these days.  Just so much stuff has happened in the past few months.  Not so much big stuff, just a lot of little stuff that adds up, piles up, and then kind of takes over.  I’ve had bad days and good days.  Bad weeks and good weeks.  I suppose it all evens out in the end though.  Mostly I’m happy with the hand I’ve been dealt, and the parts I’m not so happy with, I’m working on changing or learning to take in stride.  I can’t be strong and happy every single second, and I think I’ve learned to be okay with that.

Our sleepy little town is coming alive next weekend!  The long-awaited, much anticipated, highly planned, and over-attended holiday of Farmer’s Day has finally arrived!  I say over-attended not only because thousands of people jam onto Main St. to watch the parade and dance(stand around and look at each other awkwardly)in the street dance(which really isn’t a street dance at all, because it takes place in the grocery store parking lot….which is also the local inn.  The grocery store, not the parking lot….I’m not kidding.), but also because, and get ready for this, seven, yes, count them, SEVEN of my relatives are coming into town for this.  Almost as many commas as I used in the last sentence!  My relatives, God bless them, apparently are so bored, that they leave their large cities and towns to come here.  To see tractors.  And women quilting while being pulled behind tractors.  Again, I’m not kidding.  I wouldn’t be so astounded by this, if this was their first Farmer’s Day event, because my family is an adventurous bunch, but it’s not.  Don’t feel bad for them…it’s their own fault.

Our summer is already filling fast-a fact I am grateful for.  (Keeps me off the streets and out of West Virginian gangs)  We’re dog sitting for a friend of mine with a BEAUTIFUL house by the river next month.  It’s going to be just Rowan and I for several days, which is a blessing.  He’s growing too fast for my liking, and I can’t shade him from the sun and food and water to stunt him while too many people are around.  Not funny?  Sorry…he really is growing up so stinking fast though, and now’s the time to soak up him and his giddy three year old ways though.  That’s not until June though, so we’ll fill in the gap between Farmer’s Day and that with hosting my niece, Alisa, for week.  She’s six, and this is her first real Summer vacation, so I thought I’d help her kick it off in style!  Yunno, by hanging out in the kiddie pool with Rowan, and having homemade Popsicles and….I guess that’s all there is to do here, but still…I’M excited about it anyway. 

We’re also planning a trip to visit my Aunt and Uncle and my cousin and his kid on July 4th.  They live right outside of Akron, and have zoos and parks and sidewalks.  (My gosh, SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF THIS TOWN, LIKE NOW!)  They’re about five hours away, which is just enough travel time to make us feel like we’ve actually gone somewhere, but not enough time in the car to make me leave my kid at a gas station because of the incessant whining.  Not funny again?  TOUGH!

So….how are you?