Did you guys feel that?  It’s the change in the air.  Not only is my favorite time of year(fall) quickly sneaking up on us, but life is about to drastically change in my household.

Tommorow I start school.  “For what?!” Everyone asks.  The answer is a slippery one, and I don’t even know what it is.  For now, I will take whatever classes interest me, and whatever comes of it, I’ll be ok with.  At least I’m doing something.  At least I’m moving forward.

While I’m in class for two full days a week my mom will be hanging out with Rowan.  I do understand what a drain on my mother this will be, but we both know it’s what is best for him.  He will spend some time with my aunt, and if any other of my local peeps want to hang out him, let me know!

Thursday, my cousin treated Rowan, Liz, and I to the state fair.  It was awesome and so much silly fun.  There was a free circus at this year’s fair, and while a buffalo balanced on a plank not ten feet from my face, I didn’t really see it.  The look on my young boy’s face was a gift for me.  A thank you for life, for HIS life, for the life he is allowed to live.  He was positively glowing.  I couldn’t move my eyes from those round cheeks, with that ever-present dimple.  The way the soft light hit his chin, with the smudge of fair dirt that I didn’t bother to wipe away.  Kids are meant to be dirty and happy and so gleeful that they aren’t even aware of anything but joy.  Those wide, sparkly eyes, dirty blonde hair falling into his face…he brushed it away, wrapped his arms around Uncle Kenny’s neck, twisted around, stood and clapped with the audience.  He grinned at me, flipped back and landed in his original position.   These are the tiny moments sprinkled through my life that will be forever burned into my mind.  That look….oh, I will always remember that look.

This Friday will mark the fourth anniversary of meeting the main man in my life.  Four years ago I gave birth to the cutest little blonde bundle.  He was alert and wiggly and the most handsome thing I’d ever seen.  It was love.  It still is.  He’s growing up strong and intelligent.  He’s growing up well.