Christmas 2010

A rather long recap of our Christmas.  In no way will I be offended if you do not watch it.  🙂 

He has the best ideas….

Sometimes when you’ve used up all your hiding spots during hide-and-seek, you’ve drunk all your pretend tea, the trains have all been parked in their sheds, and it’s 22 degrees outside, you have to get a little creative to keep from going crazy.

This was Rowan’s idea:

Dried beans and pasta in the water table.


He always amazes me with his creativity.  He has an idea and a solution to just about everything.  He puts me to shame.  🙂

Saturday Morning

Rowan and I have been on our own for the past few days, and I must say, we’ve been having a great time.  Here is a little peek into our Saturday morning:

Shortly after this video was shot, Rowan told me a story about making snakes out of play-play(play doh), that he was going to dice (I’ve been teaching him culinary terminology when we cook together) with Betty (the woman that cuts his hair).  Then he and his stuffed dog named Goog were going to run, run, run fast.

The End.

Oh yeah, his reaction to seeing this video of himself: “Super cute!”

I had a bad day

I make mistakes.  I mess up.  I’m so far from perfect, I’m practically human!

I didn’t blog yesterday, and for that, I am deeply apologetic.  Here’s why I didn’t blog yesterday:


From the moment my feet hit the floor after a sleepless night, things started to go wrong.  I had a short reprieve from life when I took Rowan to the home school co-op that we volunteer with every Thursday.  Apart from a pounding headache, it was a good couple of hours. 

The moment we buckled our seatbelts and headed out of the driveway, my craptastic day picked up right where I had left off.  We eventually made it home, where the last thing I wanted to do was be around people.  That didn’t bode well, seeing how minutes after we returned, a group of people showed up at my door.

They left several hours later, and I got Rowan into the tub, fed him and my grandmother dinner, and got them both ready for bed, and then sat my self down to decompress.  I was interrupted by a phone call, whose sole purpose was to inform me that I was a horrible person.  I was grateful that my son was in bed, so I could take my verbal beating uninterrupted.

I hung up the phone, drained and feeling sorry for myself.  I dragged my exhausted body to bed, and just cried.  Again I was interrupted by a phone call.  This one was EXACTLY what I needed though.  Someone to listen, offer sound advice, and haul me back up onto my feet.  Michael, you are the sweetest, kindest, and most patient man.  Thank you for listening to my incoherent babbling.  You’re the best.  🙂

Today I woke up well rested, with a good attitude, and a willingness to let things go, and not take unkind and untrue words personally.  The sun is shining today, it’s warm, and I’m spending time with my favorite two year old in the whole world.  We’ve gone for a walk, eaten home made popsicles out on the patio, chased each other around the living room with baskets on our heads, and collapsed in a heap of giggles more than once. 

This is what  I know to be true: I am not perfect, and that’s okay, I’m still loved.  Bad days happen sometimes, and that’s okay, I’m still loved.  Perspective is important.  What people think of me is not.  Forgiving, even when it’s hard, is vital.  And most importantly, laughter is always, and I mean always, the very best medicine.

November 9th, 2010

As Rowan gets older, he’s been playing on his own a lot more.  One of his favorite things to do is take out all his train tracks, and set up elaborate scenes on the floor.  Here is one such scene:

Pretty impressive, huh?  Granted, I did help him with some of the logistics, but for the most part, this was built by Rowan alone.  Comparatively, he spends more than twice as much time building than actually playing with the trains.  It’s quite fascinating to watch!