I’m in love.  His name is Bob, and he’s handsome and funny and charming and witty and everything I’ve ever wanted in a man.

He’s also a turtle.  More precisely, a Box Turtle.  A friend of ours found Bob (or B-O-Bob as Rowan calls him) on a walk by her house, and brought it to Rowan to keep as a pet.  I know, I know, you’re not supposed to keep animals you catch in the wild, but Bob is better off with us.

I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with this reptile, going as far as establishing an inside AND an outside living quarters for him.  He’s got his own warming rock, and tanning booth(UVB light), and daily access to fresh fruit, vegetation, and worms.  Bob takes walks in the sun to stretch his legs, get some vitamin D (I mean really, who wants a depressed turtle?), and explore.  Really though, what is there not to love about this guy!?!?!!!

Rowan has shown more interest in B-O-Bob than his fish or even cats.  He’s very concerned that his buddy gets time outside of his bin, and yesterday he, on his own volition, cleaned out his old plastic pool, filled it, and grabbed Bob for a quick afternoon swim.  During Bob’s walks, Rowan stays close by his side, encouraging him with such gems as, “Come on, B-O-Bob, it’s not that far!”  and “Don’t go under the bush, you stinker!”  Oh, and there’s, “Come on, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby!  I’m right here.  You can do it!”  Rowan is a great turtle daddy.  Bob has come into our lives at just the right time.  Gram is doing slightly better, and we are able to get out more, and devote more time to things like bikes rides, and playmobil, and Bob.This post formatted itself in a very strange way, an for that I apologize.  To make up for it, I leave you with a picture of a couple of best buddies taking an afternoon swim.

This little light of mine

In the midst of a decent sized thunder/hail storm, this is how Rowan fell asleep tonight:

While curling up together, he turned on his flashlight because he needed “a little more light for the dark.” 

I agreed.  I could use a little extra light myself these days.  Some things are happening, things I’m not going to splash all over the internet (email me, and there’s a chance I’ll fill you in), but things that just make me want to puke. 

Big picture wise, life is good.  I have a lot going on, and we hired a lady to come in for three hours twice a week to stay with my Grandma so Rowan and I can get out and enjoy the summer.   We’ve made some plans, some just the two of us, some with family, and some with a new friend.  We’re looking forward to exploring new places, taking some day trips, and according to Rowan, “eat ice cream every time!” 

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers.  It’s times like these that test your faith, your strength, and your will. Thankfully I can say with confidence that our light shines brightly through every storm.

Things I have learned recently:

-My Dad reads my blog now.  Hi Dad!!  🙂

-Yesterday was Father’s Day, which I’ve known for a while, but what I didn’t know, is that my dad could be my best friend.  He certainly qualifies, what with the hanging out together, the teasing, the laughing, the listening, the advice, and the general goofiness.  I’m not just saying this because he reads this now.  I’m saying it because it’s true.  Dad, I love you.  You are exactly the guy I want influencing Rowan and the kind of guy I want him growing up to be.  Thanks for being there for both of us.  You are awesome.  Adopting me was the best move you ever made.  Haha….   😀

-If you give Rowan a basket of cars, and put him on the covered porch, he’ll play for over an hour, all by himself!

-Some guys are pigs.  They say one thing and mean something entirely different.  Guess what pal?  I have WAY more self-respect than that, and you’re a jerk.

-I have good instincts.    (See above.)

-My grandma has been feeding the cats an entire bag of treats at a time.  Sometimes two bags a day.  I had to replace the treats with just regular dry food, to prevent some major vet bills.  So far she hasn’t noticed.

-I love gardening.  It’s kind of like nurturing a kid and watching them grow, except there is a lot less whining and talking back.  A LOT less!  It also turns out that I’m good at it.  🙂

-While some guys are jerks, some aren’t, and can make me laugh, feel good about myself, be exactly the kind of friend I need and want, and say exactly the right thing at the right time.  You know who you are!  🙂

-I’m not perfect.  (yeah, yeah, this isn’t exactly news)  I get frustrated with my kid, I get frustrated with my grandma.  I choose to fold the laundry instead of playing fire engines.  I eat way too much sugar, watch too many shows on Hulu, and spend too much money on organic food.  I’m not perfect, and my life is not perfect, but I am happy with where I am right now.  In fact, I don’t think I’d want it any different.


I’m sitting ay my desk listening to a conversation take place in the living room between my almost three year old son, and his ninety-one year old great-grandmother.  It’s going something like this:

Gram: Peter and Dorothy are coming to visit today!

Rowan: No, just Dorothy is coming.

Gram: No, Peter AND Dorothy are coming.

Rowan: No, no, no, just Peter’s WIFE!

Gram: I’M Peter’s wife.

Rowan: No, you’re Peter’s Daughter.  No, Peter’s YOUR daughter.  No.  Um…..Just Dorothy is coming!

Gram:  We’ll see.  You’ll be surprised when you see him.

Of course Rowan is completely right, and only Dorothy is coming.  Gram is stubborn and won’t concede until she actually sees it with her own eyes.  There’s a chance she still won’t believe it, but Rowan will continue to patiently explain it to her.

Rowan has had to make some sacrifices when it comes to our family taking care of Great.  He can’t have my undivided attention ALL the time, he can’t leave his toys in the living room, he has to play in his room or outside when she is sleeping on the couch, and he has to help get her things, wait for me to walk her somewhere, or play where she is so I can be near her.  It’s been a struggle sometimes, but I’m not sorry he has to experience this.

He’s learning some valuable life lessons now that some people never learn.  He’s learning that people are not disposable.  Just because it’s a lot of work to care for someone, you can’t get rid of them.  He’s learning that putting other’s needs before his own is the right and kind thing to do.  He’s learning that the elderly deserve respect, and hold a prominent spot in society.  He’s learning that he is useful and important and needed as part of the team that is our family.

He’s also hopefully learning how to take care of his mother when she’s in her 90’s and stubborn as a mule and needing 24 hour care and doesn’t want to be put in a nursing home.  HINT HINT, ROWAN!

Morning chores

My (most of the time) adorably funny grandmother just spent the last few minutes taking my son’s socks out of his drawer and throwing them into the garbage one-by-one.  The de-cluttering of his dresser was followed by emptying the cutlery drawer and putting all of the spoons in her purse.  All of the placemats were removed from the table and stuffed behind a picture or her and my grandfather on their 50th wedding anniversary.  She served the cats four bowls of water, and a Oreo and then concluded  her morning chores by stuffing two jackets, one slipper, and a brown furry hat under a chair cushion.  Exhausted, she plopped herself down and asked when the party was going to start?!?

“I don’t know, Gram, but the house looks great!”

“I heard that he was coming back for the party.”

“Who is?”

“That’s not what the professionals said.”

“Oh, Grandma, you are pretty funny.”

She flashed that loopy toothless grin at me, patted my shoulder, and handed me ten bucks for the bus.