Superhero status.

My son is a superhero.  He says please and thank you without being prompted. (most of the time)  He can brush his own teeth, wash his face, and he remembers to turn off the light.  He helps when he can, gives hugs freely, and has more empathy that some adults I know.

In typical superhero fashion, he also wears his underwear over his  pants.

I asked Rowan to get ready to go to the post office, grab the box on the counter, and meet me at the car. 

I had to try not to laugh when I saw him.  To him there was nothing funny about his outfit.  He dressed himself entirely, and was proud of that.

He confidently walked into the post office, with his head held high and a spring in his step.  There was not a doubt in his mind that he looked good.  He didn’t care that he was dressed differently, or that people were pointing and giggling.  He just threw them a smile, and continued his walk to the counter. 

Carefully he handed the box and the money I gave him to the cashier.  The man behind the counter commented, “Son, your Momma put your underwear on the wrong side of your pants!”  I expected Rowan to either ignore the comment, or shyly put his head on my shoulder.  Instead he boldly stated, “Nope! I did it!”  He took the change, hopped down from the counter, waved to his fans, and held the door open for his mom.

We walked hand-in-hand to the car, both of us beaming. 

I am proud of my son.  He is a superhero.