The Introduction

I submit for your consideration:

A single mom and a little boy, commonly known as Sweet Potato.

We live in a rural town with not much going on, save for the new coffee shop complete with pastries!  I get the profound privilege of staying home with the sweet potato almost full time.  When I’m not engaged in stimulating activities like seeing how much mud can be stuffed into a sippy cup, I’m cleaning and maintaining other people’s houses.  Not exactly where I dreamed my life would end up, but it pays the bills and allows me copious amounts of time to raise my son, instead of paying a stranger to do it.

In a former life I worked at a Montessori School, a dog bakery, and tutored fifth graders.  Why not sixth graders?  Because my comprehension of numbers does not extend past basic algebra and geometry.  (I can dissect the heck out of an angle though!)  Teaching is my true passion, and I hope to one day return to Montessori.

So, now why Superhero, you ask?  Well, a superhero (sometimes rendered super-hero or super hero) is a fictional character of “extraordinary or superhuman powers” dedicated to protecting the public.

An alternate definition is a Mom, single or otherwise, trying to raise an awesome human being fit to be in public.  And I am doing just that; attempting to mold this little man into a grown man, one tantrum, one time-out, one hug, one kiss, one day at a time.