Cass Railroad

Like a group of vagabonds, we rode the rails today.  My dad, my uncle, my son, and I made the trip to Cass, W.V. today.  It was perfect-to sum it up in one word.  The weather was cooperative, the crowds were sparse, and the look on Rowan’s face when he saw that 103 ton steam engine chugging toward us, made the hour and forty-five minutes of, “Is that the railroad?  Is that it, there?  Are we there NOOOOOOW?” totally worth it.

Just three guys, waiting for a train....

Our first priority upon arriving was to buy Rowan a conductor’s hat.  Uncle Jim took care of that, while Rowan poked around at the touristy, over-priced knick-knacks, of which I purchased one.  The cap, Rowan wore proudly, his ears either completely hidden, or folded over, bent at an unnatural angle.  It only added to charm, causing him to appear more innocent and vulnerable than usual.  It was also about two sizes too big, and he refused to prop it up on his forehead, instead using it to hide from anyone he didn’t feel worthy of his attention, which was mostly me, while trying to take his picture.

Because I’m not perfect, I bribed him with popcorn, and he held his head up long enough for someone to capture his sweet mug a time or two.

The train ride itself was very peaceful.  It was mostly lush forests, or scenic overlooks,  with a few buildings scattered here and there, and the ride totally lived up to the hype.   Rowan was either staring in awe at the engine, sitting on someone’s lap, or happily chattering about each and every detail of each and every item he saw.

Halfway through the trip, the train stopped at Whittaker Station.  We walked around  for about half an hour, exploring an old breakdown train, an observation tower, and some logging equipment.  Rowan got some wiggles out by balancing on railroad ties, and inspecting equipment.

Tired, and hungry.

We ate lunch at the local diner, and then  played on a random playground for a while.  The big event was the river, though, and tossing rocks into the water to hear the satisfying “KER-PLUNK!”  It was a glorious day.

I’ll post lots more photos on my FB page, so you can see them there.  You may have to add me first..  🙂

I think the reason I don’t update this blog very often is that I hate coming up with a title.

Those of you that know me in real life know that I can be a total air head.  So much so, that I lost my keys.  My ONLY set of keys.  House keys, parent’s house keys,  car keys, favorite dolphin key chain-all lost.  At this point it’s been a week, and I’ve managed to get by without locking the house, and borrowing other people’s cars.  There’s got to come a point where people are going to catch on that I’m using up their gas, (don’t read that, Dad) and that my house is open to all thieves wanting to steal my $10 television (not to mention the VCR!), and raid my never-ending stash of Annie’s Mac&Cheese.

I suppose that tomorrow I’m going to have to suck it up and shell out some dough to have replacement keys made.  I just hate having to supplement my ditziness with more money.  I think I need rehab.

Grandma is doing well.  After another round of failed medication, she’s back to her crazy self.  🙂  She’s still forgetful, but is functioning at a higher level.

Rowan is just plain sassy. I’ll tell him not to do something, and he’ll say, “I’m gonna!”  Then I say time out, and no bike for the rest of the day.  That quiets him up right quick!  Ha!  I’ve bested my not-quite-three-year-old!  I say that in total mockery of the fact that I haven’t even come close to figuring him out.  At least he’s cute and smart and funny, and I love his ornery self.

Hmmmm, what else……….?  Oh!  We got another turtle!  Her/his name is Emma, and she/he is a feisty little thing, and I adore her.  We’re going to get married to Bob and live happily ever after in a heavily wooded area under a pile of moss.  At least 2/3 of us will be happy.  I hear those aren’t bad odds.  Also, I think that makes me a turtle polygamist.